Where do I begin?

My name is Joe Borress, and I’m 40. Recently, I realized that I most likely have 40 years left (at least, let’s hope), and like most of us who are busy with work, family & other obligations I spend more time rushing through a to do list than actually enjoying life.

I needed to change my life course a little and that’s why I started Boardinarylife—I’m doing this for us. That’s right, me and you. I have found a new love for the board: the surfboard and the longboard skateboard. Let’s experience this journey together.

Why I Needed A Change…
Like many of you, growing up I was involved in team sports. This all changes as we get older and it’s become nearly impossible to get enough people together for a softball, basketball or soccer game. I needed to find a way to lead an active lifestyle and becoming one of the millions of tread mill or stairmaster zombies at every local gym wasn’t something that appealed to me.

It’s hard to believe that I have been in the workplace for 18 years already and that I have a wife and 2 kids and live in the suburbs. Where did all the years go?

I don’t work for MTV, or a trendy night club, or at some other cool job with a lot of perks. How can I try and make this life I’m leading enjoyable?

How did I get here…
In my mid 30’s I was traveling around the west coast with my then girlfriend, now wife, Gisselle and we made a stop in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We found a local nature reserve and went for a hike in the mountains and when I reached the top, I looked down at the Pacific Ocean and saw a line-up of surfers bobbing in the water with the sun glistening off the ocean. It was a life changing moment and the inspiration was undeniable. When I returned home, I went to Montauk for my first surf lesson. It’s been an amazing ride since the moment I caught my first wave.

Since that day I have begun my journey on making surfing, skating, snowboarding and yoga part of my life and I have an amazing group of 30, 40 and 50 year olds out there joining me. What’s great about these lifestyle sports is that they can be done alone or with others. You can go on amazing vacations specifically designed around these activities. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, get some mental clarity with your yoga practice and grab your longboard and glide through the city.

Boardinarylife if is a true sports and lifestyle online magazine that speaks to you, the real boarder. I spent too many years being frustrated looking incredible athletes doing amazing thing in the ads in all the surf, skate and snow magazines. I just couldn’t relate. Our articles bring the real deal info to you by people just like you. Real people, real stories about surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, yoga, gear and travel.

On Boardinarylife, I will guide you through my surfing experiences—learning the sport, from going to Long Beach, Rockaway beach, Montauk, California, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Mexico. I will guide you through my longboarding adventures tackling the concrete wave. I will let you know my experiences with equipment, surf and skate shops, travel, gear and tons more. I also want to share my love of food with you, my real foodie experiences from all over the world from Brooklyn to Jamaica, from Columbia to Vietnam, from Tampa to Queens. I will share my experiences of traveling around the country following the Grateful Dead, and discuss my flirtation with Veganism and Yoga.

It’s about expanding your mind, and you will find, just as I am, that there are many doors to still be opened.
All this from an NYC electrician. Go figure.

You still have some adventure left. Enjoy the journey.